• Be a Boss; Confidence, Competencies and Charting a Path
    Whether you are a seasoned or emerging leader, you have or will experience the gratification of shattering glass ceilings in your professional journey. We are changing the paradigm and not only paving the way for our own ascension, but making a seat at the table for others and the greater collective of gender equity for power and pay. You are a Boss! And whatever your goals are, you’ll need confident, competencies and a diverse community to chart a path forward. Build upon best practices and navigate new norms in crafting your own personal action plan. As a leader, it is essential to keep the bottom line KPI’s on your radar; innovation, collaboration, sustainability and profitability. Become comfortable being uncomfortable, know your worth and influence then use your voice to speak truth to power. Lean in with high energy, emotional intelligence and excellence.
  • Having It All; Prioritizing with intention for Your Purpose
    You can’t do everything but every day you can do something meaningful. Balancing the dynamic demands of personal and professional priorities requires navigating the blurred boundaries in which women are living, particularly those working from home or some hybrid version. Take off your cape and give yourself some grace in manging your home, nurturing relationships, raising children, being a parental caregivers, climbing the corporate leadership ladder and oh yes, carving out some small piece of joy for yourself. Reimagine repositioning your priorities, acquire tools to pivot practically and be intentionally purposeful; leave everything else to another day. You can have it all, everything that matters most!
  • Authenticity; Leveraging Your Personal Brand
    Who are you? Re-introduce yourself in the workplace! Particularly for those that have lengthy organizational tenure, it’s common to have played “the game”, shown up smaller and hidden parts of ourselves to fit in and to our own detriment. We are constantly evolving into our best selves so let’s take a pause to refresh our personal brands by showcasing our unique value. We belong and when we honor and celebrate ourselves, we create space to respect the different dimensions of diversity in others as well. It’s time to leverage your authenticity and networks to optimize opportunity. Empowered women are audacious, unapologetic and authentic. After all, we’re coming for the top leadership roles!
  • Health & Holistic Wellbeing
    What’s that saying? “put on your mask first”, well take it a step further; keep it on and ensure the oxygen you need is abundantly flowing to sustain you holistically. We often compromise self-care, let’s rejuvenate our resolve for wellness; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. No more functioning on fumes, we’re adopting habits that refuel. The goal is striving for less stress and more success, the kind that we determine for ourselves. Maximize and have gratitude for greater love, peace and joy in your life. If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for illness.